Frequently Asked Questions

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Get in touch with the blocks team directly and we’ll do our best to help. 

Office hours – Monday to Friday: 9.00am – 5.00pm 

Telephone Hours – Monday to Friday: 9.00am – 3.00pm

Brannen & Partners have an emergency out-of-hours service that runs after 5.00pm during weekdays and on weekends. This service is for urgent repairs and health and safety matters only. 

Please call 0191 917 3155 to contact the out-of-hours team.

Information on how and when to make a payment can be found on the service charge invoice itself, under the terms section of the invoice. 

You are legally bound under the terms of the Lease to pay all reasonable charges against the property. Failure to make the payments, could ultimately lead to forfeiture of the Lease via the courts in the worst case scenario. 

If you find that you are in financial difficulty and are struggling to make the payments, please contact Brannen & Partners on to see if we can help in anyway. 

You will need to set this up with your bank.

If you do not have access to online banking, please contact your bank to discuss other options with them.

If you need to change your correspondence/billing address, you can do so by completing the online contact details form, this can be found on the website, alternatively, you must provide your new contact information in writing to Brannen & Partners. It is your responsibility to make sure Brannen & Partners have the correct contact details for you. Without them we can’t send your service charge invoices to the correct address or inform you of important information regarding your development.

If you are considering keeping a pet in your home, we would firstly advise that you check the terms of your Lease. However, if you are still not clear, please contact your Property Manager to seek permission. 

If you have a problem with another resident in your development, the first step is to approach them directly to discuss the issues. 

If your attempts to resolve the situation have been unsuccessful, or you feel too intimidated to approach them yourself, please contact Brannen & Partners who will be happy to offer support and advice where required.

It is important that incidents are reported to Brannen & Partners at the earliest opportunity. 

If you feel there is an immediate threat to people or property you must call the Police on 999. 

It is important that you contact Brannen & Partners as soon as you are aware of a potential claim on the building insurance. Your dedicated Property Manager will guide you through the process of progressing your claim.

All Leaseholders should organise their own contents insurance, contents insurance is insurance that pays for damage to, or loss of, an individual’s personal possessions as is not covered under the building insurance. 

Bulky items can be removed by your local council, normally for a modest charge. 

Please contact your local council directly to arrange this and make Brannen & Partners aware if the items are going to be left outside the development prior to them being removed. 

If you require a Leasehold Property Enquiry (LPE1) or Freehold Management Enquiry (FME1) form to aid the sale of your Leasehold property, please contact who will be able to assist with your enquiries.  

Please, do let us know if you are letting out your property, it is important that we know who is living at the block and if they have any specific needs should we need to evacuate the building in an emergency. 

If you are needing help to rent out your property, please contact our lettings team on the following email address –  

Each Lease can be different in this regard, if you are unsure or don’t have a copy of your Lease, discuss this with your Property Manager before replacing the windows. You may also require the permission of your Landlord.  

Click the link to fill out a Request to Alter From.

Generally, your Managing Agent will organise any repairs in the communal areas of the property on behalf of the Landlord. The tenant would be responsible for any repairs within the demise of the flat, however, you should always consult your Lease before progressing with any refurbishment or structural works as permission may be required from the Landlord.